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It took two years of planning, boat building, fundraising and completion of a myriad of other tasks before Steve and Jason were ready to start the circumnavigation attempt. Finally in July 1994 they set off on bikes from the Greenwich Meridian Line in East London. First they got horribly lost around the south circular. Eventually they successfully negotiated the 50 miles to the south coast town of Rye where pedal boat Moksha was waiting to be pedaled the 33-miles across The Channel to France. This was to be no easy task: not only is this the busiest shipping lane in the world but the team had been tipped off that the French Police were ready to arrest them the other side for alledgedly using a 'bathtub' to cross Le Channel.

Thankfully it was Bastille day when Moksha arrived in Bouglogne and the French Police never made it out of Le Bar. Jason and Steve next took to mountain bikes for the 1,700-mile southward descent through France, Spain and Portugal to the Algarve town of Lagos. It was from here that Moksha - carried on a trailer from Boulogne - was to be re-launched, this time to cross the Atlantic Ocean to Miami, Florida.


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