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Upon reaching Hilo, Steve announced his decision not to continue with the circumnavigation. But before saying goodbye he and Jason mustering an unlikely team of adventurous souls to hike the 80-miles across the island to Kailua-Kona on the West side from where Moksha would be launched for the voyage to Tarawa.

This unsupported hike would take 4-days and involve climbing 6500 feet from sea level to the saddle between the two volcanos Mauna Kea (passive) to the north and Mauna Loa (active) to the south.

Two of the team members felt they had bitten off more than they could chew on the first morning and announced their decision to quit. But the rest of the team rallied around and extra weight from rucksacks was duly distributed to ease their burdens. The inevitable blisters and heat fatigue were the only other drawbacks to what proved to be an inspiration journey through a stark but beautiful lava-scape and down the ancient Judd Trail to Kona.

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