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There are a number of appliances on board Moksha that require electricity in order to operate. These include the desalinator pump (to create fresh from salt water), internal lights, VHF radio, Mini-M satellite phone and inmarsat-c, compass light, CARD and The Ocean Sentry.

However, with no fossil fuels on board we rely on two very natural forms of energy for generating electricity: wind and the sun.

>> PHOTOVOLTAIC CELLS in the surfaces of the solar panels convert sunlight to a charge of electricity

SPINNING WIND GENERATOR blades create electricity when there’s sufficient wind >>

The reason for having both solar panels and a wind generator is to cater for any weather condition. Very often we either have lots of sun but no wind, or lots of wind but cloud overhead. Either way we’re covered.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the wind generator, check out South West windpower at www.windenergy.com or calling (1) 800 946 33139 or (1) 520 779 9463.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the solar panels, contact Kyocera Solar by calling (1) 800 544 6466 (ext 7962)



>> THE ELECTRICITY from the solar panels and the wind generator is then stored in a bank of 3 x Lifeline GPL 31 Batteries (12 volt).

Being marine batteries they do not contain liquid acid (as in a car battery) that would leak everywhere should the boat flip over. A gel-like substance is used instead.

If you’re interested in finding out more about these type of batteries, contact Lifeline Batteries by calling (1) 800 527 3224.


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