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>Human Powered Expedition Pedal Boat Project travelling through the canals and rivers of Europe using a 8x1.5m boat (in wood/epoxy construction) driven only by a pedal & solar power.

>> Around-n-Over - Erden Eruc's 'Six Summits Project' is an epic quest to climb the highest summits on six different continents by human power. He will cross the oceans by rowing in a westward push to reach the next continent. Upon landfall, he will travel to the highest peak on that continent by bicycle with all of his personal climbing gear in tow. There he will meet his friends for the climb. He will relay the journey and the experience to classrooms around the world via the internet.

> The Alpha Global Expedition aims to achieve the first ever single-handed ‘vertical’ circumnavigation by sailboot. Find out the latest news on Adrian Flanagan's progress.

>> Vancouver to Vancouver - a zero emissions circle of the northern hemisphere by bicycle, rowboat, sailboat canoe, foot and skis has been completed by Canadian Tim Harvey.

>> Expedition Canada - the first circle of the northern hemisphere by human power was completed in May 2006 by Canadian Colin Angus. See route map.

>> The Goliath Expedition - Karl Busby, from the UK, is attempting to walk 36,000 miles around the world with unbroken footsteps. It will take over TEN years to complete and will cover over 36,000 Miles across four continents, 25 countries, crossing a frozen sea, six deserts, seven mountain ranges in one non-stop journey.



>> Explorers Web

>> British Human Power Club

>> International Human Powered Vehicles Association (IHPVA)



>> The Art Law Group - a Bay Area law firm dedicated to providing innovative, practical advice to clients with arts, entertainment, technology and other intellectual property-related issues.

>> Cool Podcasting Inc. - a video podcast site dedicated to fun, travel and adventure!

>> Flnder - an experimental search interface



>> The Pedal Coop - a fleet of bicycle-pulled trailers that tend to the recycling needs of small businesses throughout Philadelphia Center City and West Philly: a great alternative to recycling trucks that guzzle fuel, clog traffic, and spew gnarly exhaust.



>> Satellite Uplink Communication Systems provide satellite uplink communication systems and video conferencing production services.


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