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We now carry three models of PUR Recovery Engineering deslinator pumps on board Moksha: model 40 (12 volt), 35 (hand pump) and 06 (emergency wrist pump for life raft).

>> ACROSS THE ATLANTIC we pumped our drinking water each day using the model 35. It produces around 3 x litres for an hour’s pumping. Reverse osmosis and a membrane that filters out the salt are two of the key components.
>>ACROSS THE PACIFIC we upgraded to the model 40 to free up more time to write the daily reports for the website. Powered by the 12-volt batteries the 40 produces around 5 x litres of freshwater per hour.

For more information about these systems, log onto www.purwater.com on the Internet or email ‘Pur Recovery Engineering’ at mueller.nr@pg.com


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