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Youngsters choose from three creative mediums - video, photography and the written word - to share their 'world' with others around the globe. Video and photography were specifically chosen to transcend the barrier of language.

The intention is to provide cultural neighbours with the opportunity to step into a world quite different from their own, allowing them to recognise both the similarities and differences, thereby promoting inter-cultural tolerance, empathy for others and the essential skills to become world citizens.

Teenagers use DV camcorders to make 3 to 10-minute films about who they are and where they live in the world. These moving portraits are then shared online with other groups around the globe. Teachers can also download corresponding lesson plans designed for 4-12 grade.

These are projects from past legs of the expedition. Although these are no longer active please feel free to use them as an educational resource.

Kids between the ages of 8-18 use point and shoot cameras to capture their local life on film. The resulting prints are then posted online and made into photo albums to exchange with groups in other countries.

Every language in the world has a word for 'friend'. Make a connection with someone your age in another culture and explore the world through the power of the pen (or keyboard)!


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