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Everywhere we go, and in everything we do, we leave an impression, an effect, like footprints on the beach. Each time we take a breath, a meal, a shower, go to school, play sports, comb our hair, buy a new pair of shoes - everything we do changes our physical world just a tiny little bit.

If you could add together all the tiny changes, or footprints, we create every day, we would understand our own, individual ecological footprint. If we could then add together all the other footprints for the other people living in the world, then it would become obvious why there is so much concern about the state of the environment.

Our Ecological Footprints activity resource - part of our Classroom Expedition for the Hawaii voyage - is a way for students to calculate their own ecological footprint and understand how their lifestyle affects people and environments around the world.

As well as empowering young people with the information and awareness to potentially change their footprint to be 'lighter' on the world, this activity is also aligned to US national education standards and covers a wide range of subject disciplines such as mathematic, science, literacy and geography.

** Sorry, this activity is now closed **


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