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Traditionally our main focus with young people has been with developing classroom activities connected to the adventure and the implementation of various cultural exchange programs promoting the ideals of tolerance and world citizenship. Increasingly however in the past few years since reaching Asia we've come across youngsters with base level humanitarian needs whose situation calls for hard cash rather than idealistic educational programs.

In these cases we've worked through our 501 (c) (3) Non for Profit organization to raise funds in association with our sponsorship partners and individual donors. By combining on-site visits in person (thereby meeting both the children in need and the people who run the organizations) with post-visit follow up contact we're able to ensure that every dollar raised is channeled appropriately.

Some of the organisations we have worked with so far -

>> HOPE ORPHANAGE, East Timor: set up in 2001 by Ina and Isa Bradridge to service the immediate needs of 25 children whose parents were either killed by the Indonesian occupation forces and militia in or around 1999, or who have since died of diseases such as tuberculosis.


AMOUNT RAISED: $12,000. Get more information on the Hope Foundation.


>> RUMAH SOLEHAH, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: houses a group of women and children who are living with HIV. In this home, established by the Islamic Medical Association of Malaysia (PPIM), they receive healthcare and medical treatment, as well as moral and spiritual support.

AMOUNT RAISED: $5,000. Get more information on Mercy Malaysia.


>> FATHER JOE's MERCY CENTRE, Bangkok Thailand: In 1973 Father Joe Maier settled in the slum area of Klong Toey, renowned as the 'slaugherhouse' district of Bangkok where thousands of pigs are butchered each day for the capital's kitchens. Over the past 30 years he has built an impressive organisation called the Human Development Foundation that operates 33 kindergartens, providing over 4,500 slum kids, ages 3 to 6, their first lessons in reading, writing, Thai folklore and history, song, dance, sports, religious celebrations, and more.

The central facility, or Mercy Centre as it's known, also gives slum kids a place to find refuge from the streets when their parents are at work and also houses the biggest HIV/AIDS hospice in Thailand.

AMOUNT RAISED: $8,000. Get more information on the Human Development Foundation.


>> SAHAJ SANKALP, Mumbai, India: is a non-profit organisation dedicated to assisting children in need by providing education and nutrition in a family home called 'Balgriha'. These are kids from the slums of north Mumbai - kids with few opportunities to get ahead in life.

We're currently trying to get some computers donated for a computer lab they're looking to set up so the children can learn basic computing skills that will hopefully help them get a job later on.

Some of the kids from the Mumbai facility got to pedal Moksha around Bombay harbour shortly before the Arabian Sea crossing!

AMOUNT RAISED: $0. Laptops donated: x 2. If you have an older machine and can ship it to India get in touch! Get more information on the SAHAJ SANKALP.




POST SCRIPT NOTE: many of the orphanages, hospices and other humanitarian organisations I've come across over the years were started and now are operated by some of the most inspirational people I have every had the privilege to meet. These are the real heros and heroines of our world; people like Isa and Ina Bradridge of the Hope Organisation and Father Joe of the Mercy Centre in Bangkok. Whether driven by a higher calling or not, these folks are (at least in my eyes) leading lights who are doing something truly useful with their lives. BRAVO!



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