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We are very grateful to the following companies who are providing equipment, services and support for the leg through Indonesia.

>> Speedo International are providing clothing, PR and financial assitance for the arrival into Singapore.
>> Iridium Satellite LLC are providing sufficient airtime to allow text updates and still images to be sent via the Iridium family of satellites back to this website.
>> Wenonah Canoe are providing kayaks for the expedition. Their Current Designs line of sea kayaks were the team's ideal choice for the journey in question. A tandem Libra XT and two single Solstices will carry enough food and provisions for the 6-month marathon.
>> Direct Container Line (DCL), a global provider of neutral freight consolidation services, is donating the transportation of Expedition 360's kayaks. DCL is transporting the kayaks from the United States to Australia so X360 can make their 2,600 mile trek up the island chain of Indonesia.
>> McMurdo UK has loaned the use of two Fastfind Personal Locator Beacons (PLB). Operating on 406 MHz, they feature the same advanced technology as found in the larger award winning Rescue EPIRB.
>> The UK Hydrographic Office (UKHO) has donated 25 x British Admiralty charts and tide table atlases spanning the length and breadth of the Indonesian archipelago.
>> Ortlieb are providing water-storage bags and water-proofing solutions for the electronics (laptop, sat-phone and camcorders, GPS etc).
>> Lifeline Batteries are AGM (absorbed glass mat) Technology. These are not a
gel type battery. All the Acid is absorbed into fiberglass mats that surround
each battery plate. After they are properly formed, the remaining acid is
dumped out. This leaves no type of free flowing liquid on the inside of the
battery. As the battery is discharged it internally omits a hydrogen gas. This gas
never escapes into the atmosphere. Instead it mixes with Oxygen inside the
battery and converts itself back into water and rewets the mats again.
>> Roho Incorporated created custom cushions for pedal boat Moksha
>> KNC Marketing are continuing to support the expedition with discount T-shirts for fundraising activities
>> Amrel will provide support for our Rocky 2 ruggedized laptop
>> Map Resources are providing online maps
>> Magellan is providing GPS support
>> Outfitter Satellite provided a discount for our power storage solutions.


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