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>> Episode 1: ‘Cycling To America’
This is the first in the series and will take you from the very start of the project – the initial idea, building of the pedal boat, etc – to the launch from the Greenwich Meridian Line in July 1994, the pedaling of the Channel in Moksha a few days later, the bike ride through France, Spain and Portugal, and ultimately the program highlight: Steve and Jason pedaling 4,300 miles in 111 days across the Atlantic Ocean to Miami.
>> Episode 2: ‘Into the Pacific’

Picking up from Steve and Jason’s triumphant arrival into Miami Florida, ‘Into the Pacific’ will lead you the two different routes across the USA that Steve and Jason took: Steve biking with his companion Eilbhe though the deep south; Jason rollerblading through the centre states. You’ll see Jason’s operation after being run over by a car on the highway in Colorado, breaking both legs. Nine months later he’s out of the wheel chair and up skating the final 1,700 miles to San Francisco with April, an American school teacher who is destined to rejoin the expedition in episode 3.

After settling their differences, Steve and Jason then regroup and together pedal the 2,300 miles from San Francisco to Hilo, Hawaii, where Steve decides he has had enough and leaves the expedition. Jason carries on alone, gradually spiralling into a gibbering loon on a grueling 73-day, 2,400-mile solo crossing to the tiny coral atoll of Tarawa in pedal boat Moksha.

>> Episode 3: ‘Road to Australia’
Chris Tipper, one of the two original builders of the pedal boat, joins Jason for a humorous 21-day pedal to the war-torn Solomon Islands (1,100 miles). April then re-enters the story, helping Jason to pedal the remaining 1,100 miles to Australia. This is the first time a woman has been aboard and, unfortunately for poor April who has never been on a boat before, it turns out to be the most challenging section of the Pacific voyage so far: gale force winds and 20+ ft waves pound the boat for the entire 32-day crossing, pushing the tiny craft towards Papua New Guinea and threatening to wash the entire expedition up on the Great Barrier Reef! Find out how this epic 7,800 mile crossing of the Pacific Ocean – the first in history by pedal power – turns out.
>> Episode 4: ‘Destination Darwin’
A group of 7 largely inexperienced adventurers from varying walks of life join Jason for a 3,100-mile mountain bike ride across the outback of Australia from Cairns to Darwin, using virtually no roads. Three of the members are teenagers from the US and Australia who, not surprisingly, turn out to be the strongest riders and most resilient to the heat, flies and critters they encounter along the way. One of the adults - a truck salesman from Salt Lake City - nurtures an increasing dislike for Jason's leadership style as the adventure unfolds. By the time they reach Darwin Jason and Mike are close to physical confrontation. All this and a croc they encounter in a river in the Northern Territory, an inland Taipan (the world's # 1 deadly snake) and a pre-med student from Ohio who jumps tour-bus in the Simpson desert to join this dysfunctional band of wannabe expeditioneers.

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