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ROLE >> education coordinator and 501 (c) (3) Sec/Treasurer


BACKGROUND >> Jason Lewis first visited our school in 1995. My class became a testing ground for the educational programs of Expedition 360, which provided my students with an opportunity to see the world as a large, but accessible neighborhood. For kids living in a small mountain community of less than 1000 people, that can be difficult to imagine.

Watching the students’ excitement grow as they became involved in a global curriculum encouraged me to take the next step. Why not experience traveling with the expedition to make classroom lessons more realistic? My chance came that summer when I rode Jason’s bike from Pueblo, CO to San Francisco, CA. His legs had been badly broken nine months earlier so I volunteered as a ‘pack mule’. However, I had never ridden a bike more than five miles. Six weeks and 1600 miles later, we were standing in the shadows of the Golden Gate Bridge, thus completing his trans-US inline skate trip.

Four years later I was asked to accompany Jason in pedal boat Moksha. This expedition leg comprised 1,100 miles of open ocean from the Solomon Islands to Australia. Although I’d never been to sea before, the idea intrigued me, imagining the possibilities for our educational programs. It became one of the most difficult mental challenges I’ve ever faced. It was also one of the most rewarding.

SUPPORT ROLE >> traveling is enticing, but there are maintenance requirements in running an expedition. As global educational coordinator, my responsibilities include cross-cultural exchange activities. This involves networking kids connected to our global penpals program, coordinating photo album exchanges between schools and addressing teacher/student inquiries concerning what we’re about. In addition, as secretary/treasurer of the expedition I help keep the business end of things running.

Although we have had many companies and individuals donate equipment and services to the expedition over the years, we are still independently funded, often struggling to make ends meet. Weekends offer me the opportunity to supplement expedition income by working for a local newspaper, cleaning houses and horse stables, then, seasonal work for a local tree farm. It takes a bit extra to keep it all moving forward!

Initially, my work and travels with the expedition were challenged by friends and family. As a single mother with a daughter, I’ve found that altering traditional roles in today’s society can be difficult. Becoming involved with the expedition six years ago helped direct my personal and professional focus. On a personal note, there is incredible strength to be gained in taking control of your life. More importantly, however, is the work I do with children through the expedition. They are encouraged to accept their role as world citizens, focusing on similarities as well as differences. The greatest reward is in their excitement as they see this concept unfold!…

...It is always a risk to swim against the tide, but we’re here only once…live fully the experience and become stronger for it…then use it to make the world a better place…


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