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The many others who have helped make Expedition 360 a reality ....

While it is impossible to mention all the thousands of people that have helped to get the expedition to where it is around the world today, there are a few people who, by their supreme efforts and dedication, deserve a special mention.

STUART SMITH is, as many of you know, father to Steve. He was involved right at the beginning before Jason even joined up: helping Steve raise the funds for his bike ride to Marrakech, providing the first base-camp in London and networking persistently in his local ‘watering hole’ to sign people up for 10 pounds to have their name on the boat – before such a thing even existed! His demon-selling prowess since kept the expedition afloat by sales of t-shirts and boat names in Portugal, Miami, Colorado (he looked after Jason for 4 months when his legs where broken), San Francisco, Monterey and Hawaii. The expedition owes a tremendous amount to his efforts.

Ditto SHIRLEY NICE from San Francisco, California. She became involved back in 1996 when the expedition first arrived in San Francisco. She not only provided a base camp out of her own home for the launch into the Pacific arena, but also set up the existing 501 (c) (3) Non for Profit Organization and has, over the years, assisted in a myriad of different tasks and activities: ranging from an advisor to setting up an organizational structure to performing the (more often than not mind-numbing) duties associated with being Secretary of the Non for Profit.

A number of other people have also kindly tolerated their homes being converted into temporary expedition base-camps over the years: Neil + Kelly and the Pudsey Family in Ft. Lauderdale, The Danylchuk and Conger Families in Colorado, John Thude in Flagstaff (Arizona), Ian Satchell in Monterey (California), the Thrasher Family in Kailua-Kona (Hawaii), James and Joanne on the island of Tarawa (Republic of Kiribati), the Edwards Family and John + Norlia in Cairns (Australia), and Jeff and Kathy Abel in Darwin (Australia).

In East Timor Ina and Isa Bradridge helped the expedition in Dili and getting our permits to cross the border into West Timor. In Indonesia we were given tremendous logisitics support by Craig Huddleston in Bali, and Bruce Waterfield and Todd in Jakarta. In Singapore Luke Beadle, and Hugh Young and Lina Lau deserve special mentions for providing acccommodation and providing general support.

In Malaysia Norsiah and Mazlan Ismail, Azuani and Aswan, and Tunku Maziah provided key support. Similar assistance was given in Kathmandu, Nepal by Kumar Ale and in India by Cyrus Heerjee and Vini Soni who made a basecamp possible in Mumbai for the Arabian Sea crossing. In Djibouti, NE Africa Bruno Pardigon of Dolphin Excursions was incredibly helpful and generous.

As a 'homebase' presence: Nancy Sanford has been a continual supporter ever since the expedition arrived in Miami, Florida; Gretchin Lair has kindly donated her time and expertise on past newsletters and the blog MT interface; Allan Rosenbaum of Noven and Rosenbaum, P.C. in Denver has kindly donated his services as a CPA since 1998; Maya Avinya and Joan Selvage - both local Pueblo artists - have kindly donated their time and expertise in developing a new logo for the expedition and an interactive classroom CD Rom respectively.

There should be many other people mentioned here, so please forgive us if you are not mentioned. Be assured that the legacy of all your considerable help and generosity will remain on the side of Moksha’s hull forever!


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