Photos from the European Leg of the expedition: from the initial idea; building pedal boat ‘Moksha’, to the launch on the River Thames at the Greenwich Meridian Line to the bike ride through France, Spain and Portugal to the shores of the Atlantic Ocean.
X360 Photo Gallery
Building Pedal boat Moksha’s hull
Painting the hull
The basic shell is now complete
First time on the water - Ardleigh Resevoir, UK
Departure from Greenwich - total chaos!
The road to Madrid, Spain
Clube Naval de Cascais, Lisboa
Lagos, Portugal
Sunset view over Lagos
Capsize Drill 1/3
Capsize Drill 2/3
Capsize Drill 3/3
So how do you go for a poo out there?
Poor man’s sea-anchor
Pre departure sea-trials
Greasing the engine
Everything hinges around the bottom bracket
Eve of departure
Securing extra storage in the sleeping comartment
Emergency still for distilling seawater to drinking water
The last supper....
Henry the Navigator’s observatory
Morning of the Atlantic departure