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Two major obstacles we faced when planning how to circumnavigate the world using only human power were the two big oceans: the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian oceans. In order to stand even a remote chance of success we needed a very special craft that could carry enough provisions for two people to survive for up to six months at sea without resupply, but which was streamlined enough to travel quickly through the water.

The result was 'Moksha', a 26ft x 4.5ft wooden boat powered only by pedals. The word Moksha means 'freedom' or 'liberation' in the ancient language of Sanskrit.

Unique in the world, Moksha has to date successfully carried Jason, Steve and a handful of other expedition participants across 15,000 nautical miles of open ocean. She also carries the names of over 3,000 people on the side of her hull who have helped the expedition on it's way around the world.

Expedition 360 owes much to this tiny bundle of wood and glue. More than the sum of her individual parts, Moksha has been both teacher and guardian to those of us lucky enough to have crossed an ocean in her.

Find out more about the history of pedal boat Moksha and how she works:


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