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Introduced Species & Ecosystem Stability

With Jim now gone, our small group of eight has just been reduced to just seven, of whom one has to drive the support vehicle while John is away. This leaves only seven people cycling during the day. The effects of a member leaving the team can alter the group dynamic quite considerably, as can someone joining. The same happens when a new species is either removed or introduced into a (relatively) stable ecosystem.


Plants and animals are commonly being introduced into foreign communities. For example, the fire ant was introduced into Brisbane earlier this year, liked the climate and quickly populated the region quickly. Slimily the Cane toad was introduced into south Cairns in the mid 1970s to exterminate the cane beetle that lived on top of the sugar cane. Obviously the toad couldn’t catch the beetle and also became a pest. The cane toad is now a major pest in North Queensland. Native animals are still suffering the side effects.

Occasionally the DPI (Department of Primary Industries) will come across plants and animals that can be placed into another environment, for the better of the community.

Suggested learning activities: what animals or plants are in your community that have been introduced? What effects did they have on the environment? Are they good or bad? Explain your answers.

Feed your children wheat. Joshua


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