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November 27, 1996

Out the Gate...

san francisco to san diego
November 27, 1996 - February 11, 1997

Jason and Steve are in Santa Cruz, California after two hops down the coast from San Francisco. Reporting from the support side of the expedition on land, Steve says:

"Well, here we are in sunny Santa Cruz, the day before Thanksgiving. Having left San Francisco about 11:00 AM Sat 23 November, Jason and a couple of local girls peddaled Moksha to Half Moon Bay in 12 hours through 30 miles of raging tides and big swells.

Yesterday the trip South to Santa Cruz took 22 hours with Jason and Zeb, a local lad, assisting. Apart from being continuously seasick, Zeb thoroughly enjoyed himself journeying through the heart of Great White shark waters and past the breeding grounds of the elephand seals on Anyo Nuevo Island. This coast gets some of the highest know surfing waves on the planet - over 50 feet! - so the boys felt lucky to stay out of the break.

We've given slide shows and talks to several local schools and yacht clubs. Tomorrow, Thanksgiving, we pedal to Moss Landing then, depending on the weather, on to Monterey. We will update the recording at 1-800-943-0114 every day.

The new pedal system made by SeaCycle handled great in the 20 foot swells. We found it much easier than with the old system to clear the prop of kelp, which was very thick on this leg."

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