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May 13, 1999

Hawaii to Tarawa Voyage, Update #11

Day 10. Thursday, May 13, 1999, 0303 GMT
Wind ESE Force 3-4. Heading 195M.
Latitude: 17deg 04.185N
Longitude: 161deg 47.336W

Seems like the wind has shifted a tad south, making pedaling at 180M a little too demanding on the knees. Already I am starting to hear a weird clicking noise first thing in the morning which at first I assumed to be the pedal system, but later discovered to be coming from my own legs! Have to 'roll with the punch' as they say, adapt to the demands of nature in order to realize the longer term goal.

My current routine that seems to be working for now:

5am - Wakey wakey. Make cup of Tetley's finest. Sponge out bottom of boat. Take GPS fix to assess drift during night.
5.30-8.30: 1st pedal shift
8.30-9.15: Brekky: usually oats, dried fruits, jam and diced apple. Check email + mark in 24hr latitude and longitude position on chart.
9.15-12.30: 2nd pedal shift, punctuated each hour with a dip in the ocean to cool the brain.
12.30-1.30pm: Lunch (leftovers from previous evening's dinner) and short power-nap. It makes an amazing difference to my motivation to pedal for the remainder of the day just by closing my eyes for even 15 minutes.
1.30-4pm: 3rd pedal shift
4-5pm: write update to send back to web site (like I'm doing now).
5-6.45: 4th pedal shift
6.45-7.30: cook and eat dinner. Tonight for example I am planning veggie stir-fry with curried rice, fried tofu marinated in soy sauce and freshly baked whole-wheat bread.
7.30-10.45: 5th pedal shift
11.00pm: Journey to the land of nod.

Of course the day doesn't always work out like this. Like yesterday for example when I struggled for 2hrs in computer hell just to send a picture back to the web site. But most days, like today, things work out just juverly!


Today I've got a couple of Math teasers for you:

1.My pedals rotate at 45 rpm (revolutions per minute) and Moksha's speed is 2 nautical miles per hour. If the distance from Hawaii to Tarawa is 2200 nauticalmiles, how many times will my pedals rotate in total?

2.Tarawa's latitude is 2 degrees N. It's longitude is 172 degrees E. My current position is 17 degrees N and 162 degrees W. How many degrees do I have to make south and west to reach Tarawa? Also what is the ratio of degrees south to degrees west for me to make it?

Please send me your answers by evening of the 17th. Responses can be sent via -


Jason Lewis,
The Moksha motor

Posted on May 13, 1999 1:01 AM