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May 30, 1999

Hawaii to Tarawa Voyage, Update #28

Day 27. Sunday, 30 May 1999 0227 GMT
Wind ENE 3-4. Heading 180M.
Latitude: 12deg 20.748N
Longitude: 169deg 22.178W

Sea state same as yesterday. Typical trade wind day out on the Pacific.

The most likely cause of my infection seems to be a pathogen in the water that somehow found its way into my body during the first couple of weeks of the voyage when I was dipping often in the ocean. On speaking to a physician last night in Colorado, USA who kindly gave up some of her Friday evening to talk with me on the Sat-phone, it seems the only antibiotic that can knock the infection out happens to be the one I have on board! Stroke of luck - or foresight on the part of my doctor for having prescribed the drug - 'Cipro' - as an all-round antibiotic good for a wide range of potential travel ailments.

Today there are no new boils and some of the older ones are even beginning to scab. Fingers crossed I am over the worst.

Best thing that happened today was finding an orange - a really juicy one too - in the back of the boat. I'm also down to my last 12 onions and 1 cabbage so looking to move on to the dehydrated veg that Colin, LA and Debbie prepared back in Kona. All still looks good by the way folks - even the broccoli looks no worse than it did a month ago. Only trouble is I've lost the master instruction list as to what anything is and how the hell to cook it...

Jason Lewis,
The Moksha motor

Posted on May 30, 1999 5:00 AM