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June 2, 2000

Tarawa to Solomon Islands voyage, Update #5

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Date: Fri, 02 Jun 2000 22:37:21 -0700
Day 4
Wind ENE 5 knots
Heading 190 Magnetic

It's been one of those days. After a near perfect day yesterday with Moksha slipping along at a blistering pace in excellent conditions (cloudy with a 15 knot wind from the ENE) rounded off with an evening of Van Morrison tunes and taking the first couple of pulls from The Glenlivet in celebration of crossing the equator, today turned out to be a very different story. Its been dreadfully hot with very little cloud cover. Our yellow and black golfing umbrella bought along for make-shift shade turned inside out when we did a 180 to pick up a Tupperware container than fell overboard. And to top it all, I've just spent the last two hours doing the job I hate most: floundering around in the 100 degree heat of the rear compartment in search of some carefully stashed phials of silicone grease needed for the water-maker that started squeaking for lubrication early this afternoon. While packing the boat last week I distinctly remember stowing the bag containing the grease in an extra special place where they wouldn't get lost. Typical. Like a squirrel hiding its nuts I've manage to hide the damn things so well that even I can't find them. I've found everything else in the process of turning the boat upside down, but not the special grease. So we ended up using canola oil instead. The water maker is still squeaking. Mmmh - I'd forgotten what a blast life on the this boat can be.

Jason & Chris,
The Moksha motors

Posted on June 2, 2000 5:59 AM