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August 13, 2001

Overland Australia - Update 19

August 13, 2001
Day 21

A good way to look at the passing of time and the patterns that one person or a group gets into is to look at each moment separately. Today, day 21, was a pretty darn regular day. We got up, loaded, biked, walked, biked some more, got into camp, unloaded, and now I'm writing this update. One way to look at anyone's days is to break it up into a timeline. Here's our "typical" day in the outback, starting from the crack of dawn…

April taking care of cooking duties

4:30am: My dad gets up and puts some logs on the fire. Our "Billy" tea is put on boil. Porridge as well.

5:00am: I'm up with some other early risers and we pack up our stuff before eating.

5:30am: Usually everyone is up by this time, and camp is buzzing with the sounds of closing zippers and the clinking of teacups.

6:15am: Clean up camp, and begin to load the truck. This process has come from 4 hours down to 20 minutes!

6:45am: A gathering of everyone before the ride signifies that we are ready and raring to go!

7:00am: (which is sunrise): We're out'a there! Our clipless pedals clip in and tires get rolling!

8:30am: A ritual-like stretching regimen (5minutes) occurs and will help soreness farther down the track.

10:00am: Our clothing layers peel of as the sweat begins to form on our brows; the day is heating up!

11:30am: 40 or 50 km usually have been done and we all have a tea and biscuits break. Most everyone is already way hungry and ready for a short break.

Noon: Riding, riding, and riding with a connection with the vehicle every 10 to 15 kms.

1:00-2:00pm: Very hot! Riding is slowed to a slog, but we keep moving!

3:00pm: We begin looking for a campsite and have put in nearly 8 hours on the trail already.

4:00pm: Unloading of the truck at our found campsite. Some members will gather firewood while the unloading is being done.

Team Meeting

4:30pm: A quick meeting on our educational updates and the logistics of tomorrow's ride are talked about.

5:00pm: Cleaning bikes, writing updates, reading, bathing (if there is water!), and cooking.

6:45pm: Eating, or fuelling our tanks as we call it. A general good time around the fire!

7:30pm: Cleaning up dinner and a mellow tone around camp ensues. People writing updates are usually still writing!

8:30pm: Music around the fire is around and a few tall tales and stories are told.

9:00-9:30pm: I write in my journal and slide into my sleeping bag, while some others are just waking up!

10:00pm - 1:00am: Most are deep asleep, but most nights Jason is up on the computers sending information to the web site and fiddling with the satellite phone!

And now, our day is done!


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