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August 19, 2001

Overland Australia - Update 24


While cycling from Julia Creek last Thursday, we met three other cyclists: a boy from Japan, who is taking an eight month tour of the country by bicycle, with no vehicle support; and two road bikers, Greg and Jim, who live in Mount Isa. Greg invited us to stay on his property along with 4 large dogs that like to lick everyone and everything. He and his partner Margaret run a gym in town called Body Balance. They also have two camels, two goats and a number of chooks that came with the house.

We have stayed in Isa longer than we expected to, as all the things we cannot do in the bush, including the post office and banks, took longer than expected. We also pulled everything out of the truck – hard to believe how much we’d been dragging around with us that we don’t need – and re-organised and cleaned it.


A good rest, shower, and laundry day was also past due, and we used the comfort of Greg and Margaret’s house to wind down and get cleaned up.

Mount Isa is an absolute raging town at night. Bel and I were pressured by Todd and Rebecca to go to the Irish Club where they were meeting Greg, Margaret, and their friends for dinner and drinks. The club was playing country and western music, Todd and Rebecca had not been seen. Shortly after entering, we left.

We began a search of the town (on bicycles) and found ourselves outside the nightclub ‘Switches’. While standing at the door, debating who should have to go in there, an older man (with a three year-old girl in his arms), emerged from the club, and asked why we were there. I told him we were looking for two Americans, and asked if he had seen them go in. “There ain’t anybody in ‘ere”, he said. We thanked him and left.

Deciding that we should try the Buffalo Club, as it sounded like a good rough place, and Todd and Rebecca were after some real Mount Isa Culture, we were greeted at the entrance by an old, old lady who asked for i.d. I presented her with my government issued 18+ proof of age card, but she only wanted proof of where I’d come from, which I didn’t have. Bel was saying: “look at those neon lights and middle aged people who should be home with their children! this place isn’t rough! this is a pokies palace! Todd and Rebecca would not be here, and we don’t want to be here.” We left.

Eventually, close on midnight, we saw the truck, and found Todd and Rebecca had been at a Chinese restaurant. We exchanged stories and chatted with them for a while, then planned to meet them back where we were staying. After minor incidents with four police cars, and a road block in our honour, we left the city, and met the others back at camp.

Feed your children wheat. Joshua

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