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August 25, 2001

Overland Australia - Update 29

Listen to the sounds around you. Take a moment to mentally list what you hear. Do you notice a car on the street? A siren in the distance? An airplane overhead? Our daily sounds probably vary a great deal from our ‘normal’ lives. Along the Plenty Highway, we are camped near a gravel road leading to a small cattle station. The sounds we hear are of the wind whistling through the mulga acacias, the soft tapping of our fingers on the keyboard, two birds calling in a distant tree, and that’s about it.


“You guys have to stop and see this!” called Mick (Mike) from the side of the road yesterday. “It’s like someone planted a landscaped garden out in the middle of nowhere!”

It was coming toward the end of the day and at first we hesitated, anxious to get to camp another fifteen kilometres down the dusty road. But, what is another ten minutes out of our way when we’re going to Darwin?


We all dismounted, laying our bikes on the side of the road and separately journeyed into the secret garden. There definitely was an aura surrounding this uniquely indefinable spot. One of the most incredible things we noticed was the sound of silence. It was deafening! You couldn’t hear any sounds at all! No jets overhead, no cars racing by, and none of the calls of the noisy parrots that have been following us for most of our journey. How curious that we had discovered this out-of-the ordinary environment in the midst of our biking routine…We left the place, the gravel crunching under our tires, glad that we stopped and noticed the silence.

Do you know of a place where you can go and hear absolutely nothing?…

By, Crister and April


Posted on August 25, 2001 11:23 AM