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October 18, 2001

Overland Australia - Update 69

October 18, Day 87

30 kms from Darwin

Today was our last full day on the road. Starting out on an extremely twisty road, amidst tropical ferns and large wet undergrowth, we followed a railway line heading towards the Darwin River dam. We were aiming to cycle around about 50km. This would leave us approximately 20km to get us into Darwin by tomorrow morning at 9 o’clock.


To the groups regret, we left the last of the dirt roads behind us, arriving on a small bitumen country lane and smelling the almost forgotten scent of car exhaust and road kill. The lane ever so quickly became a two lane road with the odd road train. Almost as quickly as the last change, the road turned into a four lane highway with regular road trains and the ever so consistent sound of cars travelling over 100km/h beside us; this busy road intimidated the group. While on the dirt roads a snake bite or perhaps a wild pig putting a tusk in the leg were the only fates not in our hands. The chances of either happening were quite slim but on a highway such as the one we were on, our fates were in other humans’ hands--the people who are driving the cars and trucks alongside us. We do get rather scared.

All in all though, the group is a lot happier than when we were unsure how long it would take to get us to Darwin. By 9.00 am tomorrow morning (Friday, day 88 of the Australian leg of X-360) the team will have our front wheels in the Timor Sea, signifying that we made it to Darwin.

Jim Brady, Crister’s Dad, E-mailed the group the other day. He wrote, “Darwin still ain’t going anywhere, but you guys are.”

Farewell and always remember--Feed your children wheat.



Posted on October 18, 2001 4:13 PM