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March 24, 2005

Evening before departure and Bob and Tanya's

This'll be a short one, as I'm sitting in Bob and Tanya's house with my feet in a bucket of cold water and a scotch at my elbow, and for some reason I'm EXHAUSTED. Haven't kayaked much today - been fixing the REAL leak on the kayak (where the rudder mounts to the hull), and earlier we visited High Rock - 8 miles south of Lizard for some spectacular snorkeling (couldn't leave here without that!). Anyway, my feet have swollen up (not wearing shoes perhaps?) and I got a little sunburnt on the reef. Add having just 1 hrs sleep last night at the campsite (thanks to the mozzies doing laps in my ear) and I need a VERY early night - just waiting for Bob to come back from fishing as I write so we can eat.

Aside from my ailing condition (a good night's rest without blood sucking insects should put this right), all else is ready. I plan to get up early and start the leg to Eagle. Will have a proper update tomorrow evening. Hope the kayak behaves.

Posted on March 24, 2005 11:05 AM