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March 14, 2005


Looks like Cyclone Ingrid is headed out and away from Darwin. Big relief. Felt totally helpless here in Colorado watching the storm march every closer to Moksha - the only means of completing the expedition.

About to jump on a flight here to Cairns, to start preparing for the next leg. Feeling ambivalent - I've been nearly three and a half years in the Colorado Rockies, working the buffalo ranch. It's the closest I've come to having a 'home's since leaving England in '94. However, with the debts squared away and a few dollars in my pocket for the next leg it feels the right time to go. It's know or never. Plus, I REALLY want to finish this expedition before I'm 60.

It's snowing and there's a foot of snow outside as I write - so the toughest part of the expedition might be just getting to the airport! Typical Colorado - a final icy blast as a send off. Australia will be melt down compared to this.


Posted on March 14, 2005 4:04 PM