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April 15, 2005

Update from Lourdes

Well, I guess I'll share a bit about who I am!

Usually I'm always up for some kind of crazy adventure even if its in my own backyard. I have certain friends that when we get together we dress up in hilarious outfits (wigs included) and go out on the town or just stayhome and entertain ourselves. Dancing is a big part of my life, must be my Cuban background. I was blessed with incredible parents who support WHATEVER happens to be up my sleeve.

The travel bug and I are amazing friends, which brings me to Australia to accompany Jason and Moksha to Timor. The challenges will be there thats for sure, it what form I dont know. Thats exciting. Anyways, I must go now but will keep in touch.


Posted on April 15, 2005 11:56 AM


I found this page through my friend's, Erden Eruc, around-n-over site. Awesome adventure you all are on! I was a bit shocked, though, when I saw the name Lourdes Arango and was wondering if it was the same one whom I met in Big Sur in 1997, just before I was setting out on my human powered (duh) walk going northbound on the Pacific Crest Trail. She was hitch-hiking and my friend, Wendy, and I picked her up. She offered us a great night's stay at a beautiful house she was taking care of. She's a sailor and adventurer, so I thought it might be the same one?! If so, have her send me an email at jrwclimbs@hotmail.com
Thanks and best of luck on your adventures!

Jeremy Wilson
Formerly Seattle, now in Warsaw, Poland

Posted by: Jeremy at August 25, 2005 10:07 AM