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March 18, 2007

Final Approach - update at 0400hrs GMT on 18th

LOCATION: Arabian Sea Crossing
Day: 47
Longitude: N:11°42.260'
Latitude: E: 043°15.968'
Heading: 250°M
Wind: NW, Force: 3
Miles total Mumbai - Djibouti: 1,903
Miles from Mumbai: 1,891
Miles to Djibouti: 12

Just 4 miles to go until we reach the shelter of south side of the islands off Djibouti. Short of the pedal unit failiing I think we'll make it. Plus daylight puts a much more positive light on the picture.

We're not completely out of the woods but it was certainly a different story ten hours ago with the very real possibility of getting taken south onto the reef systems east of Djibouti. We were not able to make contact with Kenny and the support boat until an hour ago, so we were essentially on our own, and the wind and waves crashing into the starboard side of the boat had me thinking that we couldn't possibily hold our latitude. But the heros of the hour were the pedal unit (for not failing), the probably assistance from the current towards Djibouti, and above all Moksha'a amazing hull shape that allowed for the rollers to pass unhindered underneath us, lessening the degree to which we need to compensate to avoid being pushed south. She really is an amazing design.

The continent of Africa is just visible to the north of us! As Sher said just a little while ago, its very seldom that one gets to arrive on a new continent by ship anymore in this age of instant air travel. Hopefully within 6 hours we will be updating this page to let you know that we have.


Posted on March 18, 2007 6:14 AM