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April 19, 2007

Request for Used Laptops for Mumbai Kids

LOCATION: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Longitude: N:09deg.03.
Latitude: E: 038deg.42.
Kms from Djibouti: 898

I've been in Addis for nearly 10-days now waiting for this visa. I call Mr L. Waleed at the Sudanese embassy tomorrow morning to see if my letter of introduction has been approved by Khartoum. Only then can I actually start the application process (which he assures me will take just other 3-4 days - whoop-de-do!).


There's not much to say for Addis I'm afraid apart from the delightfully cool temperatures at all times of the day and night. The people are friendly enough and you don't get the annoying 'You-You-You' thrown at you by passers by in the villages. But there are no green areas at all, and you can't walk far without being watched by the police. Yesterday I got into trouble for using my iridium satellite phone in public. A machinegun toting policeman wanted to know if I was using to send out information. "Well yes" I replied truthfully. "I'm speaking to my friend in America". He eventually backed off after giving me the suspicious twice over to determine if I was indeed a threat to Ethiopian national security. But it reminded me that I am currently in a police state where it's prudent to keep a low profile with cameras and other electronics.


On a different note I'd like to ask your help with locating some second hand laptops for the organisation Sahaj Sankalp that we met with in Mumbai before the Arabian Sea crossing. They're trying to set up a computer lab for the kids to learn basic computer skills. So if you have a used laptop lying forgotten in a cupboard perhaps you might consider donating it? Drop us a line if so.


SAHAJ SANKALP is a non-profit organisation dedicated to assisting children in need by providing education and nutrition in a family home called 'Balgriha'. These are kids from the slums of north Mumbai - kids with few opportunities to get ahead in life.


Some of the kids from the Mumbai facility got to pedal Moksha around Bombay harbour shortly before the Arabian Sea crossing!

Finally a big thanks to Ian McCormick who recently pledged $200 towards the Moksha shipping drive.


> Total to raise: $4,500
> Total raised to date: $1,800
> Total still to raise: $2,700

Sincerest thanks to the following for your pledges -
- Ian McCormick, UK, $200
- Terry Mason, California USA, $200
- Jackie and Jean Bernard, Djibouti, $250.
- Erden Eruc and Nancy Board of Around n Over, Seattle USA, $250
- Sharon Kessler, Colorado USA, $500
- Jane Koca, San Jose USA, $50
- John Caldwell, San Jose USA, $100
- Greg Kolodziejzyk of Pedal the Ocean, Canada, $250

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