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October 2, 2007

North to the Thames

LOCATION: Ramsgate, England
Longitude: N:51deg.08'
Latitude: E: 001deg.19'
Kms from Istanbul: 3,236.50

The weather was dreadful yesterday - the wind blowing up to 30 knots off the White Cliffs of Dover - preventing Moksha from leaving the shelter of the harbour. But earlier today the conditions improved enough for Sher and I to leave after high water, taking advantage of the ebb tide to help push us the 14 nautical miles up to Ramsgate at a blistering 4 knots.


We arrived just before dark. Chris, Kenny, Nancy (Sanford) and Eilbhe were in position with the trailer on the slipway ready to pull Moksha out of the water. First thing in the morning we'll start adding the names of 1,868 supporters of the expedition who will have their names in vinyl lettering on Moksha's hull forever. Painstakingly prepared by Vini Soni in Mumbai who donated many, many hours of her time at the printeri, the names arrived at the 11th hour just as we were pulling Moksha out of the water. It'll be good to have them all on board for the finish.


Eilbhe will also have time to finish off the new figurehead. The boat will look quite dashing for her arrival. Then Thursday morning the expedition continues up the coast to Gravesend, this time using the flood tide to start the final run up the River Thames to Greenwich.



Huge thanks to those of you who have pledged towards the shipping of Moksha to Ostend from Antwerp. The response has been so successful we have $350 surplus which we will put towards the hire of the crane to pull Moksha out of the Thames on the morning of the 6th (475 pounds sterling).

You can make pledges here. Or email contact@expedition360.com

Sincerest thanks to the following for your pledges -
A S E Feakes - $40
Sebastian Best - $100
Michael Appleby - $20
The Rollers - $200
Karl Sweeney - $100
Susan Schendowich - $50
Patrick Buckler - $50
Neil Reypert - $100
Gretchin Lair - $50
Tim Murfitt - $50
Samantha Carter - $50
Merlin & Carrie Lewis - $200
Jane Koca & John Caldwell - $100
Anonymous - $250

> Total to raise: $850
> Total raised to date: $1,360
> Total still to raise: $0

> Surplus towards crane hire: $510
> Crane hire: $998.50
> Still to raise: 488.50

Posted on October 2, 2007 11:46 PM