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When finally they set foot on land after spending 111-days cooped up in a space no bigger than a broom cupboard, Steve and Jason decided to travel separately for the N. American leg. After a 4-month layover in Ft. Lauderdale raising funds to pay off debts, they set off in the direction of San Francisco on the West Coast in May of 1995.

Eilbhe Donovan from Ireland joined Steve in St. Petersburg, Florida to co-bike the 4,300 miles across the southern states. She had never biked more than a mile to the shops before and Steve gained as much from seeing her complete her first 100-mile day as from the experience of biking it himself.

Jason used rollerblades to take a more northerly route, learning how to skate along the way. After several interesting experiences involving Alabama cops, a skirt and a gun-wielding locals he was eventually knocked down by an elderly driver with cataracts in Pueblo, Colorado, breaking both legs. Stuart came to look after him during a 9-month recuperation and by May 1996 he was up his feet again, this time with local schoolteacher April Abril biking alongside, to skate the remaining 1,700 miles to the San Francisco.

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