After arriving in Miami, the expedition spent several months fundraising and visiting schools in the Ft. Lauderdale area before setting out in May 2005 across the US. Steve and his girlfriend Eilbhe biked across the southern states to the west coast. Jason rollerbladed solo to Colorado where he was run over by a car. Nine months later he was joined by April for the remainder of the journey to San Francisco.
X360 Photo Gallery
Up the inland waterway to Ft. Lauderdale
Jason with Seiko de Grindelvald
Off to visit schools with Moksha, Miami.
Lake Okeechobee
The Gulf Coast
The Everglades
New Orleans
Mississippi River
Bug Suit
Shelter for the night
Alligator Lake
No vacation from God
Southern Hospitality
Lula, Mississippi
Lake Powell, Arizona
Jason’s leg post accident
Lake Powell
Grand Canyon
The road heading west...
New Mexico
Monument Valley
The Pacific Ocean
Big Sur
San Francisco
Monterey Bay
John and Casey are off
Presidion Yacht Club, Marin County
John and Casey
Moksha on mooring buoy, San Simeone Bay, CA
After the storm - Moksha capsized...
...and slowly sinking
Rescue Team - before dusk
Getting warm after a successful rescue
Pre-departure - attempt # 2   to Hawaii
Stowing food + gear
Facing the Mighty Pacific
In the boozer pre-departure