The third and finally successful attempt to complete the 12-miles from Great Barrier Reef to the Australian mainland. Altercation with a croc. The 1000 mile pedal in Moksha from Darwin to East Timor and the 2,400 kayak and bike through Indonesia to Singapore.
X360 Photo Gallery
Jason with broken kayak blade after croc attack
Croc Point
Sacrifice to the Coral Sea
Moksha in storage - Darwin
Base camp - Dinah Beach Yacht Club car park
Drying the gear ... again
A New Spirit Guide
launching Moksha
Lourdes Arango
Skippy on board
Leaving Darwin
Shooing off the crocs - Apsley Straits
Going ashore - Bathurst Island
Apsley Strait between Melville and Bathurst Island
East Timor
Arrival Dili
Welcoming Band
Arrival Party
East Timor
Moksha into Storage
Capsize Drills with Ina, Chris and Lourdes
Hope Orphanage
Restaurant - Dili
Leaving East Timor
Kayaking to Alor
The village of Pureman
Ina with friends
Pureman village send off
Village of Mataru
Leaving Kalabahi, Alor
Pantar Island
Jansen & Lourdes
Larantuka, Flores
Kayak repair
Maumere Market - Flores
Primary School - Maumere
Fruit Bats - Riung
Snake Island