After spending three weeks preparing ‘Moksha’ in Lagos, southern Portugal, Steve and Jason set out on the 4,300 mile pedal to Miami, Florida. It took them 111-days.
X360 Photo Gallery

The last sight of land for a while...
In the Big Blue
Steve pedaling
Start of the pedal shift
Steve’s view from the sleeping compartments
Surfing in the trades
Argos Locator System
Stop off on the island of Madeira to repair the video camera and skeg
Steve repairing the split skeg
Leaving Funchal harbour, Maderia
Dehydrated British Army rations
Breakfast gruel
The irresistible
 Lolita the Lure
Unlucky Jim
lucky Steve
Frying, flying fish (say that 10x quickly)
Deploying the sea anchor to check drift
Back up sextant if the technology fails
Scrapping barnacles
Jason with Derek the Dragon
Atlantic Sunset
Salt Sores
Start of the pedal shift...again
Kenny Brown sighted
Moksha sighted - 30 nms from Providenciales
Arrival Provo, Turks and Caicos Islands
98 x days of rubbish