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Imagine paddling a kayak through one of the most remote regions of the world without leaving your own classroom! Join our expedition and experience the adventure of a lifetime. You can be a part of the action by following our progress, interacting with other classrooms via a class weblog (or ‘blog’) and researching aspects of Indonesia’s environment and culture to feed us information in the field via satellite!
Kid’s Corner is also a fun section of the site where you can take part in a competition (first prize - a kayak paddle signed by the expedition team!), puzzles and a weekly mystery photo.
Join our team and let's explore Indonesia together!


Tired of textbooks that are out of date before they hit the shelves and internet sites that claim to be student-friendly but aren’t? Our expedition offers an interactive experience that is exciting, accurate and alters every day to take students and teachers on the adventure of a lifetime – being involved in the first human powered crossing of the Indonesian archipelago from east to west!

In our realtime expedition classroom we've included a range of activities that can be used at a variety of grade levels from 3rd through 8th. The activities focus on math, science and social studies and are aligned to national curriculum standards.

Find out more about how this program will keep relevant with YOUR CLASSROOM SCHEDULE!

THIS IS A FREE EVENT!! Recommended age range 10-13 yrs (4th-7th grade in the US).

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