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Electricity - Where does it Come From?

Pinnacle Springs Station, the property we are staying on at the moment, is almost fully self-sufficient. To be able to say that you are self-sufficient, you must be able to generate your own electricity - i.e. water wheels, geo-thermal, generator, or solar. Generators and solar systems are the most practical and energy efficient sources for people to use in local conditions here.


This property has eight solar energy panels that generate eighty watts per panel. This energy is converted into six 1125 amp / hours. On an average day the panels generate and store up to 170 amps.

On the roof of the home, they also have a small windmill, the charge from which is stored in the same batteries as the solar panels, and which is used in the house for lighting and for standard 240 volt power points. The wind generator is able to produce eight watts per hour when sufficient wind is blowing.

This household limits it’s use of electrical items, and the only items that it uses on a regular basis are a refrigerator, lights, computer, and their television.

Suggested learning activity: make a list of the electrical items you use in your household and think about the type of electrical items that you take for granted e.g. lights, refrigerator, washing machine etc. Now imagine you live at Pinnacle Springs Station and you have limited electricity at your disposal each day. Make a prioritized list of where you might make energy savings.

Feed your children wheat. Joshua


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