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Gregory National Park region

THEME: Gregory National Park
TOPIC: geography of the Gregory National Park region

2001 October 2, Tuesday. Gregory National Park, Bullita Sector.

Gregory is a relatively new national park, officially listed in 1990, and incorporates two separate parks, separated by Stokes Range (Aboriginal Land). Including land excised from neighbouring cattle stations, and encompassing nearly one million hectares, it is the Northern Territory’s second largest National Park, after Kakadu.

Less than one hundred kilometres to the northeast lies Joseph Bonaparte Gulf. Here, the Victoria River drains into Queens Channel, an inlet of the Timor Sea, and the gateway to the Indian Ocean. Although the tributaries to the Victoria are all fresh water reservoirs, estuarine or saltwater crocodiles are found throughout the waterways of the park.

There are approximately eight hundred national parks in Australia. Rangers patrol the more popular parks to make sure no-one abuses protected areas, and to answer questions and act as guides.


The Northern Territory has more than one hundred listed national parks and reserves covering 4.4 million hectares (10.8 million acres), and 229 000 hectares (565 900 acres) of marine parks. They are administered by the Parks and Wildlife Commission of the NT, except for Kakadu and Uluru-Kata Tjuta, which are World Heritage Listed.

Some of the Northern Territory’s national parks are so isolated and rugged that they attract few visitors, and most only to look. Others are popular recreational areas, and are among Australia’s major attractions. Public Access is encouraged if safety and conservation regulations are observed. See today’s e.s.d. update.

Suggested learning activities:
Discover a national park near your home. Try to answer some of the following:
* How much land does it cover?
* What is unique about its ecosystem?
* What endangered native animals does it protect
* What land systems does it encompass?
* Is it a popular tourist place?
* When was it declared a national park?
* Why was it declared a national park?
Find the national park on a map.



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