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We like Our Lizards Frilled NOT Grilled!

Literacy -bush fires


Bush fires can either be a positive or negative thing depending on the

An example of 'positive' bush fires would be the fires started
naturally by lightening strike or deliberately by aboriginal people looking to
encourage regeneration of vegetation in the local environment. See the
update written on ESD to find out more about the

An example of 'negative' bush fires would be the fires started
accidentally by causes such as rogue campfires, cigarette stubs thrown
out of car windows or glass bottles dumped in the bush. These fires
normally go unnoticed until they become uncontrollable.


Advertising campaigns are often used to raise people's awareness of the
potentially disastrous effects of their actions. The sign you see in
the photo is one such ad-campaign, designed to attract people's attention
using humour; 'frilled' lizards - that inhabit the local area we are
currently passing through - would be quickly become 'grilled' lizards
if an uncontrollable bush fire were to sweep through the area.

"We prefer our lizards frilled NOT grilled"

The reason humour is used in this advertisement is to make the message - to avoid starting bushfires - remain in people's minds for longer.

Suggested learning activities:
- think of a cause in your local area that you feel more people should
be made more aware of. Now design an advertising billboard - similar to
the one in the photo - that will achieve this. Remember, humour is not
the only way to catch people's attention!


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