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AVERAGES + PERCENTAGES - The Great Artesian Basin


Here are some statistics from the general update:

The Great Artesian Basin lies beneath 200 000 people and one fifth of the country.

There are about 4700 bores throughout the basin, 850 of which are uncontrolled.
34 000 kilometres of bore drains are exposed. 5 700 mega litres flow these from bores each year

It is estimated that around ninety-five per cent of open channel water is lost through a combination of evaporation, seepage, and breakouts

Suggested learning activities:
- Calculate the average number of litres lost per person (living over the basin) each year.
- Calculate the average number of litres lost per kilometre of exposed bore drain each year.
- Calculate how many litres of water are lost to evaporation, seepage and breakouts in the exposed bore drains each year.
- Calculate the percentage of bores that are uncontrolled.


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