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Time Zones

"Allright, you men, gather up on the road for the day's instructions."
The sun was breaking over the horizon and Josh, as the day's team
leader, was gatherng us prior to our departure. for the day's ride.
"First order of the day is to set your watches back one half hour.
Yesterday we came into the Northern Territory so we're in a new time
zone today.


Crister spoke up, "Why didn't we do this last night, Josh, when we had
more time?" Josh smiled, "Because I would've had to get up a half hour

The Northern Territory is on Central Standard Time, which is plus 9 1⁄2
hours from GMT. This is half an hour behind the eastern states,1 1⁄2
hours ahead of Western Australia, and the same as South Australia. Confused?
Don't forget to throw in Daylight Savings Time! It doesn't apply to the
Northern Territory, so from November to March, the eastern states are 1
1⁄2 hours ahead of Northern Territory time, and South Australia is one
hour ahead.

Suggested activities: Examine a time zone map of your country.
- Determine how many time zones are established What determines the size or area of each time zone? Does Daylight Savings Time occur in each area and, if not, what affect does this have as you travel between time zones?
- Select another country around the world and compute the time difference
between the two countries, i.e., if you live in Alice Springs, NT, what time/day is it in Chicago, Illinois, US? (Don't forget to figure in the International Date Line!)


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