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May 23, 1999

Hawaii to Tarawa Voyage, Update #21

*** Exclusive! Message from Mick Bird's latest report about Jason: "THE RACE IS ON. I gave him 2 week head start and winner is first to drink cold beer." Also, I read about "diesel cans and whiskey bottles. At least it's not worn out inflatable dolls like his trail"***

Day 20. Sunday, 23 May 1999 0311 GMT
Wind ENE 3-4. Heading 180M.
Latitude: 14deg 22.417N
Longitude: 165deg 42.312W

'Make hay when the sun shines' I believe would be the expression to describe yesterday's optimum wind from the northeast that had me on the pedals until the wee hours of this morning. By daybreak however things had settled down to usual ENE 3-4. Seems like these conditions are set to continue until Tuesday at least.

Being a Saturday, my schedule changes slightly. Instead of being a 'carrot and stick' day with a fairly rigid routine, I try to keep one day of the week a 'do whatever I feel like' day to make a break in the daily grind and to have something a little out of the ordinary to look forward to for the other 6. The sad thing is, after pottering about a bit this morning washing clothes, cutting toe nails and with the intent of spending the day doing anything BUT pedaling, I found myself in the seat around midday "just for a quick half hour to stretch the legs" and haven't been off since. Like a domesticated hamster I need my wheel more than I realize. Actually this is not such a bad thing as the bottom line as with any time spent on the ocean is to get to land as quickly as possible (within reason). Every additional day out here over and above the necessary to get the job done effectively is a liability.

Salt sores worse than ever. Trying Calamine lotion to try and dry them up. Had a fresh outburst last night on the left buttock requiring me to sit pedaling on my right cheek at an awkward angle. The joys of life on the ocean wave are demanding a steep asking price at the moment!

Jason Lewis,
The Moksha motor

Posted on May 23, 1999 1:44 AM