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May 24, 1999

Hawaii to Tarawa Voyage, Update #22

Day 21. Monday, 24 May 1999 0337 GMT
Wind ENE 3-4. Heading 195M.
Latitude: 14deg 00.927N
Longitude: 166deg 06.717W

Progress - no change.

My mood the last few days has been pretty foul on account of the sores. It seems like I've tried everything and they still keep coming. The most dehabilitating thing is how they've taken over my life - controlling how long I can pedal at one sitting, how I sleep, and demanding constant attention whenever I'm not at the cranks.

I've had a couple of interesting suggestions come through for possible cures, ones that at first glance I took for noble attempts to make me laugh (which they did anyway - thanks Stacia and the 'reliable source'!) but to be honest I'm at the stage where I'll try anything. So, in the interests of modern scientific inquiry I've divided up the total acreage of sores that I am currently the proud owner of into 4 working sections, with the intention of applying a different method to each one and seeing which works. For the right armpit I have pulverized cabbage mixed with hot water. For the right bum-cheek I have Calamine lotion. For the left armpit we have WD-40 and finally for the left bum-cheek I was considering a smattering of Glenlivet Scotch Whiskey until I realized I needed a 'control' in order to have some comparison to make use of the results from the other 3. And in any case, a few measly boils are a small price to pay for saving a mouthful of the ole' amber nectar!

So, there we have it me hearties! Bets are on which one will do the business (if any). My money goes on the WD-40 myself. It did a cracking job of removing some old paint inside Moksha that even #15 gauge sandpaper couldn't get off.

Self portrait by Jason taken with digital camera and sent by satellite.

CLASSROOM EXPEDITION: For today's salty numbers.

First off - congratulations to Ethan and Julie from Ms. Ethan's class for guessing the total # of pedal revolutions from Hawaii to Tarawa.

Second - interesting to hear that 92% of those who voted would make water with remaining power over leaving the night light on or communicating with family. Callous kids!

Also there were a couple of questions that came through which lead into the first activity for the day:

Q1. Do I have an audio alarm on Moksha to prevent collision with other vessel?
A: Yes.

Q2. Do I sleep/dream OK compared to normal.
A: Actually I sleep better on account (I think) of the rocking motion of the boat. I did have a bit of a nightmare the other night though: I dreamt a giant squid attacked the boat while I was asleep in the front compartment. I managed to get the hatch door closed before it started feeling inside with its enormous tentacles, but then to my horror the boat started sinking! I was left with no option but to open the door and take the brute on armed only with my trusty fruit knife. Luckily the dream ended around this time.



A. Discuss in class whether you think the dreams you have at night are important in any way. Also do you think there is any connection between these dreams and the 'dreams' you have for the future? Maybe find out some examples of famous people in history whose dreams have a major impact on their daily lives and the lives of others (e.g. a great invention/solution to dilemma).

B. Write a few lines on what your dreams are for the future.


Quick trivia: before 'Kiribati' as they are now known, what was the name given to the islands of which Tarawa is one? When did they people of Kiribati get their independence and from whom?


Do you know what squid (giant or otherwise) use to eat their prey?

Jason Lewis,
The Moksha motor

Posted on May 24, 1999 1:47 AM