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May 10, 1999

Hawaii to Tarawa Voyage, Update #8

Day 7. Monday, May 10, 1999, 0247 GMT
Latitude: 18deg 11.912N
Longitude: 160deg 08.217W
Winds NE-ENE. Force 3-4. Heading 215M.

Sunday Hawaii time (Monday GMT). Wonderful day so far: after some short squally blasts earlier this morning bringing brief interludes of rain that had me out on deck washing the salt from my hide, the wind veered to the NE-directly astern-making pedaling a joy. Not only is the boat easier to move like this, but the wind funnels down the hatch cooling the top of my head-something that rarely happens normally due to the confines of the cockpit that was designed with self-righting and protection from the elements in mind rather than ventilation. Apart from today it's been extremely hot during the middle of the day. I can do about 1-1.5hrs before my brain begins to overheat and I need to dive in the ocean to cool down. I can see its going to be a problem from here on to Australia.

Classroom Dilemma: Maybe your class can help me overcome this ventilation problem. Kids-what would you do in my position?

1. Cut a hole in the side of Moksha to let some air in. If so, what shape would the holes be and how big? Bear in mind that cutting holes might mean weakening the cockpit - essential for Moksha to self-right if she gets flipped over.

2. Don't cut any holes at all. Just grin and bear the heat.

3. Make some sort of simple external ventilation system that won't weaken the boat but will at least get air onto my melon.

If you choose #1 or 3, maybe you could draw up a design and send it asap to:
April, GLE
PO Box 788
Rye, CO - 81069

She can then forward the ideas for me to maybe use!
Text answers can be sent via THE REGISTRY

I wanted to take this opportunity before getting any farther into the voyage to thank the people of Kona and the big island in general for making the expedition's time on Hawaii so enjoyable - and successful as far as the schools visited etc. There are many to mention - and I believe you all know who you are - but I'd like to pay special thanks to the Thrasher clan who took the expedition (pedal boat and all) under their wing for the 6 weeks leading up to last Monday's departure. Not only was it one of the best base-camps we've ever had (rodents an' all), but I know at least from my point of view how privileged I felt to be considered apart of the family for the time I was there. Being on the road for 5 years doesn't lend itself to developing close community - one of the reasons I believe Stevie is moving on to pastures new. Home for me these days is more a state of mind directly related to the people I am with rather than a geographical location on the planet. However for the few weeks spent on Royal Poinciana Drive, I knew what it was to be part of a 'normal' home again. My Ma back home would thank you for that I know - Mahalo to you crazy's - LA, Lois, Zak, Jake, Wags the dog and mad Spirit the cat.

Jason Lewis,
The Moksha motor

Posted on May 10, 1999 9:36 PM