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May 11, 1999

Hawaii to Tarawa Voyage, Update #9

Day 8. Tuesday, May 11, 1999, 0307 GMT
Wind ENE Force 3-4. Heading 210M.
Latitude: 17deg 57.763N
Longitude: 160deg 51.131W

Been having one of those two left footed days if you know what I mean; nothing running smoothly from the time I overslept this morning to getting my finger stuck in the scissors a minute ago, eventually managing to pull it out with an healthy yank, only to knock over cup of tea in the process. Seems like on these days you have to pay for everything twice. Damn Kharma.

With any luck a picture should have made it back along with this update of me holding the pedal unit - a bit like Brian Adams must have looked when he bought that first 6-string from the five + dime in the summer of '69. As well as showing off the flashy propeller (thanks Scott), the reason for sending this photo is to thank our MicroMarine who made this latest leg to Tarawa possible with new propulsion units. The unit I am holding is purring away like its good to go the rest the way around the world. So if you ever get a wild hair and decide to do something foolish like pedal around the world - or get fit on your local lake, check these folks out on their web site. Me and the good ship Moksha can guarantee you'll have a rockin' good ride!

Classroom Expedition: Today's teaser_

I've been thinking since Capt. Pooby kept watch over me the first night I was alone out on the ocean (see report numbers 5 and 6) about whether it was just a coincidence, or whether animals have some sort of 6th sense when other animals are in danger. An example that springs to mind is of the stories one hears of dolphins rescuing divers being attacked by sharks. Have you any personal experiences of animals coming to the assistance of humans or heard of any one else who has? Email us your story.

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Jason Lewis,
The Moksha motor

Posted on May 11, 1999 9:47 PM