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August 2, 2001

Overland Australia - Update 8

August 2, 2001

G'Day. My name is Sam. Sam Burke. I met the Expedition 360 team when they rolled up on their bikes to my home this afternoon at Wrotham Park station. It's the biggest cattle station in Queensland: 1.3 million acres.


I was born in Mt. Isa in 1988, so of course I'm 13 years old now. From my house I see across the field to the airstrip, which we use for bringing in the mail, the Flying Doctor's, and the helicopter we use for mustering (herding) the cattle. Mustering is a bit like herding, but because of the huge distances involved and the number of cattle (32,000 head), using a helicopter to round them up is a lot easier than either horses, motorbikes - certainly than walking!

In the morning I let the dogs out, have cereal for breakfast and 'go' to school. Go for me means about 100 meters down the path, past the garden and shed, to our other house. I'm schooled by HF radio through distance education. It's probably a lot different than what you think of schooling. Take a look soon at the section in Education on Information Technology to find out I play trombone in the schools band.

Anyway I have to go to dinner now. Sam

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Posted on August 2, 2001 12:14 PM