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August 4, 2001

Overland Australia - Update 10

DAY 12
August 4, 2001

Darwin Isn't Going Anywhere!

"Hey man, where's my orange?!" Josh said while searching through the dark recesses of his camelbak. Jason and I snickered as we ate the succulent citrus treat behind Josh. We had taken the orange earlier in the day straight out of Josh's camelbak without him knowing it.

That was the general attitude of our ride from Wrotham Park to the small town of Chillagoe. During the 80 km day we messed around as we rode. Each moment and mile was passed playing incoherent, silly, and dumb games. Racing tactics, stealing food, tinkering with others bicycles were the name of the day!


We've found that if you cycle with one driven goal in mind, i.e. your campsite, you won't get anywhere! Similar to when you are going on a long road trip and every second you ask, "when are we going to get there?" Why not enjoy the journey? Live in the moment!

When we got to Chillagoe around three in the afternoon we were knackered! The weather had been good to us with the occasional cloud and sunny patch. The corrugations over the whole day had beaten us up, but the bitumen (pavement) in town ailed our bumpy illness. Today we had a layover day here in Chillagoe. During our stay we have met a few people who have been following our expedition over the past two weeks. People we didn't even know! That was pretty neat! Looking over the map today in Chillagoe we've found that we have made a bit of progress, and have enjoyed doing it! We've found that to make miles, you need to get your mind off the task at hand and realize that "Darwin isn't going anywhere!"

Feed your children wheat
Josh and Crister

Posted on August 4, 2001 12:15 PM