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August 3, 2005

All OK

Just a quick note to let friends and family know that everyone is alive and kicking. We reached Labuan Bajo a couple of days ago. I'm heading to Bali to renew my visa - more details tomorrow I hope once I get to an internet cafe.


Posted on August 3, 2005 12:54 PM



Moyo island is NOT a 'national park'!

"National park" status in Indonesia usually (though not always) has little impact in halting ecological degradation anyway.

Moyo is classified as a hunting reserve of 22,000 hectares with a marine reserve extension of 6000 hectares.

Moyo's protected status under Indonesian law is actually quite inadequate and as a result it is suffering irreversible degradation. Overhunting of rare species such as banteng, fish dynamiting of the magnificent coral reefs of the area, and tourism development have all resulted from this supposed reserve's weak protection (and wreaked havoc on it).

It is a shame that Moyo hasn't been declared a true "national park." It really does deserve the highest degree of protection possible!

Posted by: Broom and Dustpan at May 2, 2007 4:08 AM