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August 4, 2005

Update from Bali #1

OK, reached Bali OK via the GT Air flight from Labuan Bajo. I've taken on the task of renewing visas for myself, April and Chris. They've stayed behind to look after the gear and potentially arrange either for two single kayaks to be shipped onto Bali for the Sumatra section, or find a couple locally who might want to paddle them to the eastern edge of Java (fancy an adventure anyone? Now's your chance!). Which leads me onto what on earth's going on with the trip at this point.


Lourdes and I have decided that after traveling for almost 3-months now we will go our separate ways. Although we had a bit of verbal fisty-cuffs one evening (damn that Bintang), we've parted as good friends. We get along great in 'normal' situations, but we've found the context of traveling together a tough one. I know Steve and I had this problem way back at the beginning of pedaling from the UK to the US. Sometimes traveling together for an extended period in difficult conditions leads to pressures and stresses that put the best of friendships to the test. So rather than part as enemies, Lourdes and I have decided to cash in while the going was good and travel separately from now on.

She's decided not to take her kayak on alone to Bali, largely due to the security risk of traveling as a single female in this part of the world. At the time of writing I believe she plans to take an extended ferry trip to the island of Lombok via Rinca (to see komodo dragons) and Sumbawa. She'll extend her visa here in Bali and I guess decide where her adventure takes her next. I do wish her well and hope she's recovered from what must have been a humdinger of a hangover after our last night in Labuan Bajo together at the Paradise bar drinking the local 'Arak' palm whisky (lethal stuff). I have a final image of her listing dangerously to starboard on the back of a moped/taxi taking her back to her hotel.

More tomorrow. Sorry - my head hurts too.


Posted on August 4, 2005 11:44 AM