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August 5, 2005

Update from Bali #2 - Chris's plans

Chris is planning on taking a couple of weeks away from kayaking to rest up his back and do a little traveling on his own. Everything's fine between us. I think he just fancies a little something different from the monotony of paddling 15 miles every day. Most likely he, April and I will meet up again in Bali in around 3-weeks time and bike across the island of Java together.

In the meantime April and I plan on continuing from Labuan Bajo across to Sumbawa and onto Lombok and Bali. We plan on keeping to the north of these islands as I've seen the surf on the south side of Bali near where I'm staying and I'd be VERY afraid to try getting to shore along any of these beaches!

Our first hop across to Sumbawa will be the most tricky. We have 20 miles to the island of Komodo (via 3 or 4 other smaller 'stepping stones') where we inevitably have to spend one (sleepless) night, taking it shifts to hold the spear gun and keep the fire stoked high to ward of those nasty dragons. Then there's the Sape Selat to contend with crossing onto Gili Banta Island (giant turtles supposedly) and then to Sumbawa proper. I think we should be making the crossing during neaps if my calculations are right, otherwise the water can run at 10+ knots through here at full flood during springs. Not fun.

Sounds like a breeze compared to getting these visas renewed. What an ordeal - more tomorrow on the immigration circus ride tomorrow. Where is Ina and her bureaucratic string-pulling when you need it!

Posted on August 5, 2005 11:45 AM