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After backtracking from Honduras the expedition initially regrouped in Monterey, California where pedal boat Moksha was on display at the local Maritime Museum. Stuart (Steve's father) was using his sales experience to raise funds for the next leg by selling t-shirts and names on the boat hull for $20.

The increased emphasis on using the expedition as an educational tool both in the classroom and for cultural and environmental awareness prompted Jason and Steve to invite John Walker and Casey Dunn to pedal Moksha to Hawaii from the California coast. They also felt strongly that Expedition 360 should include others actively participating in addition to themselves. This allowed Jason and Steve time to collaborate with local teachers on developing the 'Classroom Expedition'; a standard's aligned learning experience connecting 4-6th graders (9-12 yr olds) to the voyage via satellite and the internet. Unfortunately the voyage had to be abandoned after only 10-days due to bad weather.

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The circumnavigation attempt narrowly escaped failure at this point: the pedal boat, made secure on a coastal mooring buoy while John and Casey where removed to safety by the Coastguard, capsized during the ensuing storm and started sinking. Only a dramatic rescue operation by the expedition team using borrowed kayaks and scuba gear prevented the worst case scenario happening. Moksha was recovered structurally intact but with all her equipment and supplies ruined.

It took nearly a year to recover sufficiently for a second attempt. Jason and Steve resolved to settle their differences and attempt the crossing to the Big Island of Hawaii themselves. They departed from under the Golden Gate Bridge on Sept 28th 1998, arriving in Hilo 54 days later.

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