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"Whatever you do,” we were told way back in 1993 when we were still planning the expedition, "document the adventure any way you can. Even if you have to beg, borrow or steal a camera or some other recording device, the visual and written stories will be the few tangible things you'll have to show at the end of it all".

Taking (most of) this advice to heart, the expedition has now acquired considerable media assets to use in a variety of different ways to generate profile and revenue. The 700 hours of video footage, 22,000 photographs and scores of journal entries both in personal diaries and on this website are being used by our media and education partners for a variety of different end-uses, including a television broadcast series, internet and broadband content delivery and educational titles for use in the classroom.
Contact us if you are interesting in licensing material for programs or products.  
>> KENNY BROWN,a freelance documentary film maker based in LA, took over the reins from two earlier UK filmmakers - Dominic Stobart and Simon Howlett - to ensure the expedition was comprehensively documented with both video and still photography.
>> JAKE JACOBSEN and Video Free America became very much involved with developing the New Media components of the project late in 1998 shortly before Steve and Jason departed from San Francisco to pedal to Hawaii.
>> JAY BOWMAN, a high school social studies teacher and documentary film-maker from Dallas, has recently (Dec 2005) taken on the task of editing the expedition’s video exchange films
>> OWEN PRELL of The Art Law Group has been assisting with legal matters for a number of years now. The Art Law Group is a Bay Area law firm dedicated to providing innovative, practical advice to clients with arts, entertainment, technology and other intellectual property-related issues.
>> TRACY SWEDLOW of the acclaimed [itvt] InteractiveTV Today has kindly sponsored the project with much of her time and expertise on the exciting new possibilities that converging New Media, in particular Interactive Television, offer with connecting audiences to the world via the expedition.
>> ASTRID EDWARDS, an independent producer based in London, became involved in 2002 to develop a children's TV show and associated educational titles for the classroom.

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